Welcome to Heavener Counseling Ministries-HCM

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This has been a passion on my heart and within me;God has called me for it. As the marriages continue to split, as courts continue to receive filings of divorce- there are so many crying silently in their marriages, these hurting souls in homes, subject to all sorts of injustices, brutality and violence. 

It has been clear to me from experience and dozens of hundreds who have approached me that this vulnerability is not exceptional to high income earning families as quite many think, both poor and rich have struggled in their marriages and the impact has been devastative; raising children alone or in the hands of another woman who doesn’t mother them is undesirable!

 God has called me in this ministry for people like you; you are welcome to our website. We will answer every question you have about marriage, come on all appointments to us are free of charge- we shall have time with you, talk to you, teach you and make a follow up with you. You marriage is blessed; it will stand no matter the storms and will live happily than before. This is Heavener Counseling Ministries.